Kids love magic! But learning to perform it is even more fun.  In fact, we believe it's good for them!

Magic is a great learning tool that inspires students to practice, use logic, learn math principles, memorize patterns, make presentations and experience the success of entertaining. It is great for building virtues like self-esteem, confidence, patience and good communication skills.

All Trap Door Magic® products from BlackWire Marketing include step-by-step video tutorials - taught by our own in-house magician and former school administrator. Complete with all props and secret gimmicks.

The Amazing Treasure Chest of Magic

A professional magic course for ages 8 and up. This is not just another magic kit that was mass produced by some big toy manufacturer. This collection of magical effects was carefully hand-selected and assembled by a professional magician and former elementary school administrator.

This is an actual training course about presenting astonishing illusions and close-up magic. It's specifically aimed at boys and girls ages 8 and up-and presented in a way they can understand. It's not just a "kit", but a learning tool complete with props, secret gimmicks and video tutorials.

This package contains some of the best magic effects for kids to learn, and many of them are self-working.

Magic is not only a fun hobby, but it makes a great teacher. It helps students learn how to practice, use logic, learn math, exercise their memory, make presentations in front of an audience of friends and family and experience the success and joy of entertaining. It's great for building virtues like self-esteem, confidence and good communication skills.

The Secret Back Stage Pass provides access to the training library with video tutorials for every trick. Each lesson provides step-by-step instructions from a professional magician who has entertained and taught children for 40+ years. The secrets are explained and demonstrated in a way that is easy for a child 8 years and older to learn. (Fun for grown-ups too.)

The Amazing Treasure Chest of Magic is

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