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This Video Library contains the entire collection of Trap Door Magic step-by-step video tutorials. There is an instructional video for each of the tricks inside your magic kit - PLUS you also have back stage access to videos for other Trap Door Magic products.

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Sponge Balls

Color Changing Silks

Columbo Card

Cups and Balls with Plastic Chromed Look

Cups & Balls

Professor's Nightmare

Rising Wand

Magic Money Pad

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Magic Number Mystery

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Crazy Cube

Zig Zag Rope

Phantom Block

Photocopy Cards

Nested Paper Mystery

2 Card Monte

Double Prediction

Comedy Cards

Magic Phone Cards

Magician's Insurance Policy

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Pro Deck - Handling A Deck of Cards

Pro Deck - Card Forcing

Pro Deck - The Count Force

Pro Deck - Princess Cards

Pro Deck - The Glide Force

Pro Deck - The Key Card

Pro Deck - More Key Card

Pro Deck - One Ahead

Pro Deck - One Way Cards

Other Trap Door Magic Video Tutorials

Magical Gems

50/50 Deck

Find the Queen